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Schiffsverspätung wegen Unfall in Liverpool

wir haben gerade bedauerlicherweise folgende Benachrichtigung der Reederei erhalten: 

Incident Atlantic Sail – Port of Liverpool  

Dear Customer,
we need to inform you of a stevedoring accident that occurred on Tuesday April 3rd at Seaforth terminal.
During loading operations, a 20ft flat-rack container, loaded with a forklift truck, was dropped from a crane into Bay 16.
In addition to damaging rain covers, and seven containers already loaded in the cell, the floor of the bay was pierced, and a ballast tank punctured.
This lead to flooding of Bay 16, and the adjoining Bay 20, up to a height of about two metres, partially submerging a further 8 units.
The leak was quickly contained and the water pumped-out.
All fifteen damaged units have now been lifted-off the vessel, and transferred to the warehouse area within the port facility for inspection/survey.
The necessary repairs to the tank, electrical system, and hatches is anticipated to take 2-3 days, so we expect the vessel to be underway, on, or before, the weekend.
Accidents such as this are uncommon. And the rupture of the ballast tank and the subsequent flooding was particularly unfortunate.
We apologize for the delay and disruption of this voyage.
We will endeavour to get the ship back onto master schedule as soon as we can.
We will inform you about the most actual ETA as soon as possible.

 Na, dann sind wir doch mal gespannt, wann das Schiff mit unserem Auto in Halifax ankommt 🙂